The Bastard of Books, Yuan Magnestion was born in mystery during a border conflict between Winchent Magenestion and another large Myridian House. Winchent brought the child back and declared him as his own, and named him Yuan after his great-grandfather who wrote one of the most extensive histories in the world. He was raised a warrior and a scholar, under the Code of the Mag. Looking up to his older brother Amos for his entire life, wishing to be a knight and to one day hold a knight's lands. But for Yuan, being a bastard has always been his biggest downfall, especially since everyone believes his mother is a lowborn tanner's daughter (the worst of the worst to be the son of).

Upon learning of Vronti Kelwynd's location in Terresol and knowing that he was a formidable fighter and an honorable lord Winchent sent Yuan to him. Winchent told Yuan the truth about who his actual father is (Ser Amos Magnestion, Winchent's son) and told him to seek Vronti and pledge his loyalty to him as a squire. He left a message stating that he (Winchent) would want Yuan to be squired to Vronti and that he would like Yuan to gain land in the distant kingdom. Vronti will also receive a good amount gold and Winchent will pledge men to any cause that Vronti will need.