As a Lady of the House Hunt, Ysabel grew up to love the outdoors and the sunshine that the Southern Isles provided her. Tending to the gardens with her mother, and occasionally following her father in a hunt or two for small creatures such a rabbits and snakes. Her family was a small one and she was the only child that was legitimate. She never did meet her bastard brothers, for her mother told her she sent them all off to war. Ysabel always felt bad for them because of that.

As she grew so did the sickness that overtook her parents. Before she reached the age of fifteen her mother passed away and following behind her so did Ysabel's father. Ysabel found that she was alone aside from her pet, a white doe named Emmy, and she found herself wishing for more than the money that was left to her. So she sold her old home and moved to a small cottage just outside of the main city where she and her father used to hunt. Emmy and Ysabel reside there to this day. Living a quiet life. Ysabel grows ever more lonely, and searches for friendship outside of Emmy.