The Witherlands is the Northern-most kingdom, often referred to as the Cold North. It’s sibling kingdom is Azaria. The Witherlands cannot be missed, however one would choose to enter, they would see mirroring snow mountains all around them. It’s Capital is known as Grand Stead: A large settlement that stretches across two mountains. Axegrive also known as the "Iron County" is the largest location in the Witherlands, it holds home to the most citizens and is considered a very harsh environment. 21:51

The Black Arches is a deserted landscape on the east-side of Witherlands, and has been abandoned ever since Lord Kyvall’s march of the first men, seizing and destroying all foreign forces who sat at the Black Arches. The Black Arches overlook the frozen sea, and nothing but small fishing villages show life near by. 21:51

Climate: The Witherlands is infamous for being the coldest Kingdom on the planet, and for having the deadliest winters. It snows year-round and it seemingly never thaws. The Witherlands simply doesn’t have a summer.


Ruling Power · The Witherlands has seen House Carter rule it for over 200 years. In the cold North, they are referred to as Rulers rather than Kings or Queens. The Carters continue to be the most famous House from the Witherlands, and it’s most powerful. 21:52

Significant People · Lord Marshall Carter: Current Ruler of the Witherlands, and Lord of House Carter. · Lord Felix Carter: Brother of Marshall, and 1st Lord from the Witherlands, and current heir to the northern throne. · Lady Elizabeth Carter: Wife of Felix, and 1st Lady from the Witherlands, and sister-in-law to Marshall. · Lady Marnie Carter: Daughter of Marshall, and heir to the Witherlands once she comes of age. · Lord Robert Nikolai: Son of Felix, and nephew of Marshall. · Lady Titania-Grace Nikolai: Daughter of Felix, and niece of Marshall.