• Vargam thrumurson
    Vargam Thrumurson
"Me, myself, and I. We have been through a lot together"
Vital statistics
Position Traveler
Age 17
Status Alive
Marital Status Single
Family Unknown
Significant Kills 3
Physical attributes
Height 180 cm
Weight 83 kg

Vargam Thrumurson's past is a mystery in and of itself. Direct documentation is unobtainable, since it all got lost when the archives, as well as almost all the people in his village was killed when the ground split and consumed the village. Vargam, and his father were among the few to get away in time. They left the lands they were familiar with, and began to travel towards the East. along the way, Vargams father, Thrumur, taught his son how to survive in the forests, build camps, create fire, and many other things that could come in handy. At the age of 12, while they were wandering through a forest, Thrumur got attacked, and killed by a wild creature. it ended with Vargam killing the animal. Left alone, he used what his father had taught him, to cross oceans, mountains, and other obstacles. He now travels the world in search for a place to settle. in the meantime, the nature is his closest friend, and every village he passes, is a place to rest.