The Head of House Roarbar and Lord of the Hammerhold. Torrin came from a long line of warmongers and bullheaded fighters. Even though he tends to be a bit bullheaded himself, Torrin's rule as Lord Roarbar was relatively peaceful until his death. Torrin was friends with Vronti Kelwynd and Cygnis Linzar and trained with them, fought beside them, and became not only friends but like brothers. Torrin supported Vronti's choice to kill Corsar Barmoor and when Corsar's older brother Falir came after Vronti, Torrin intercepted him and fought Falir's force with his own, preventing him from attacking Vronti on the docks. In the ensuing chaos, Falir drove his estoc through Torrin's throat. The Lord of the Hammerhold then fell into Vronti's arms, his last words choked out by his own blood.