The Wasting Sickness, also known as The Waste, is a mysterious sickness that is common enough that many people know about it, but not common enough for anybody to expect it to strike.

The Waste is usually found in older males although it can strike anyone at any point in their life. It starts with small symptoms. Things that most people would not think twice about. Sore muscles, a bad back, tiredness. It eventually progresses to aches and pains, and eventually the afflicted can barely walk. This is usually accompanied by excruciating pain.

The afflicted may have some "good days" where the disease seems to be retreating, but these days are just small mercies in the ever creeping tide of The Waste. Make no mistake, it will continue to progress until the afflicted merely loses the will to live due to intense pain and lack of bodily function.

Significant people killed by the Wasting Sickness:

Ostro Kelwynd,

Marion Magnestion,