She was born in Ibethiel, a woman of magical prowess despite her fear of its use in any more work than as a finder of water for the use of a well. As she grew up, she was often a bit more reclusive compared to other children, but also was more intellectual until she began to reach adolescence. As she neared the age of thirteen, she became enthralled with a story of her mothers, in which a powerful warrior fought with sword and spells, using their power to better the land for all. It was this story that drove her to make her father teach her how to use a sword, and as she learned to use swords, she also learned how to wield daggers and to fight with her hands, which got her into some trouble as she grew up. It was at the age of eighteen that her father died of a mishap while cooking for his family, as hot oil burned into his chest and the resulting wound became infected, resulting in his death. After this, she left home, and set off to use her powers and skills to better the world, even though most often she only found the use for her magic with water to be as a way to find a source to build a well into.

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