Skye Baxter
"I want to be the best! When people say ’sky’s the limit,’ I want them to mean that Skye’s the limit of what a person can be!"

Vital statistics

Position Traveler
Age 19
Marital Status Single
Status Alive


  • Artimus Weatherly (Uncle)


Skye Baxter was born to Nathan and Elizabeth Baxter in a small town in the Southern Isles. Her parents were a blacksmith and a warrior, respectively. From a young age, she was always around a forge and weapons, so fighting came naturally to her. Her childhood friends Emmet and Dawn both went off to pursue their own paths in life at 16, so Skye took after them and set out into the world with the best equipment her father could give her. She was always the headstrong one of the three, but the road had a certain feel to it that calmed her down and cleared her mind. Staying in one place for too long wore Skye down. She also picked up a habit of naming her equipment from her father, who typically personally named all of the weapons he sold. Skye's, however, he let her name. Her biggest goals in life are to meet interesting people, see fantastic sights, and maybe, if she could, find Emmet and Dawn again just to reunite. At 19, she met Katherine Mesor, who would go on to be one of Skye's best friends in Marin.