Lifespan:  Unknown

Species: Paranormal entity

Weight: Unknown

Length: Unknown

Overview: The shade has gone by many names, shadows, spirits, ghost, or the Dorocha. They are the voices of the dead, and like the dead, they are numberless. Only in the dark, when the veil between the world’s is at it’s lowest, will you ever find yourself in their company. Born of ash and smoke, they scream until the end of time. They appear as demonic, skeletal, smoke apparitions, that are usually seen screaming. The shade’s greatest weakness is Fire and Daylight. But heed this warning mortal, if you dare cross the Dorocha’s path, in the glimpse of night where their screams are bound by the trees, fear for you life. For Daylight hath not come quickly enough to your rescue, you will freeze upon their icy touch.