Rust Monster
Rust Monster

"A knight's worst nightmare"

Vital statistics
Species  Aberration
Age N/A
Status Active
Physical attributes
Length 5 ft (1.6 m)
Weight 200 lbs (90.7 Kg)

Overview:  A rust monster is a large, insect like creature of unknown origin. However, in examining its behavior and performing a dissection of one, it is confirmed that its origins are beyond our material plane. This creature seems to enjoy dining on metals, usually iron and steel over valuable metals like gold and silver, but will eat those type of metals too if given the chance to. A rust monster can smell a metal object up to 90 ft away. Once it has detected a metal object, it will make a beeline for said object and attempt to touch it with its antennae. Should it succeed in this, said metal object that was touched shall immediately corrode to rust, at which point the creature shall dine on it. It should be noted that any piece of armor that is magical has a chance of resisting this effect.