A Storm Is Brewing

=== Lord Randall Storm is a 20-year-old man who has been raised to be what his father wanted him to be from a young age and was punished every time his father felt he had failed him. His father, Edmure Storm, wasn’t liked by many but they respected the man for what he achieved. Randall was like his father in the aspects of combat and war but they differed when it came down to how they saw the regular man and how he needed to be treated. Edmure was a ruthless leader and expected them to follow without question whereas Randall believed that every man has the right to question what is asked of them and was more inclined to inspire those around him to follow him. Randall was pushed into learning the ways of court from a young age as he was his father’s only son and heir to his title as lord, Randall never excelled at getting those around him to do what he wanted or get them on his side. He did excel at the swordsmanship and tactical thinking he was taught by the guards around him as he grew up, this is what he was known for in the surrounding lands, his skills with a blade and how he would use it and risk his life for every person on his father’s land. Randall never felt comfortable in a room full of other nobles but put him in a training yard with regular people and he felt at home, the peasants came to like Randall more than his father Edmure. His father thought Randall cared for the peasants too much, riding to the defence of a village tormented by bandits on more than one occasion, his father did respect the fact he always came back victorious and was proud of him but wouldn’t tell him this. After one of these times Randall returned to news his father had grown gravely ill, he was with him for his last moments as he passed from this life. He’d been given the signet ring of the house and knew the time had come and he needed to do good by his people. He needed to swear loyalty to the ruling house of Taemar so he would need to ride to visit them soon.

Some Statistics:

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Height 5’10”

Strengths: Swordsmanship, Leadership, Tactical thinking.

Weaknesses: The ways of court, Subtlety, Reckless.