Rhaenys Alexandra-Gracia Evelyna De Lancret
Rhaenys 1
"Absolutely, Positively, Fabulous."

Vital statistics

  • Crown Princess of Araedia
  • 7th Lady of the Order of the Phoenix
Also Known As
  • The Bastard Queen (Whispered)
  • Little One
  • Rain
  • Messy Nessie (By Dimitri Novikov)
  • Pleb (By Emmaline)
Age 6
Status Alive
  • Queen Rosaria De Lancret ☠ (Mother)
  • Pirate Lord Bradai-Daran Maith (Biological Father)
  • King Alexander Lane ☠ (Supposed Father)
  • Queen Juliana De Barbarac (Maternal Grandmother)
  • King Henry De Lancret (Maternal Grandfather) ☠
  • Grand Duchess Anita Raith-De Lancret (Great Aunt)
  • Grand Duchess Cressida De Martel (Great Aunt)
  • Duke Ryland Raith (First Cousin Once Removed)
  • Duchess Elmira Raith-Pendragon (Aunt)
  • Admiral Caius De Martel (First Cousin Once Removed)
  • Countess Francesca De Martel (First Cousin Once Removed)
  • Lord Caleb Hazard (Second Cousin Once Removed)
Guardians by Oath or Law

Physical attributes

Height 3'11"

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