"Best Natural Pranksters in the World"

Vital statistics
Species Humanoid
Age N/A
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 1.6 ft (.4 m)
Weight 6 lbs (2.7 Kg)

Overview: Pixies are a close relative to the fairies, both sharing the same small size, the strange quality to have most of them be female, and the wings. Past this however, the stark differences between the two become obvious. While fairies are generally good natured and will only pull minor and slightly annoying pranks, pixies are very restless, and are known for causing great mischief wherever they go. They tend to have a rather poor skill with magic, their mind always racing to think about something new and not having enough time to properly remember spells. They tend to live in areas they considered interesting, be it from a dungeon to a dragon’s den. They hate having to remain still, and thus, a sleeping pixie or a relaxing pixie is a rare sight indeed. All pixies seem to share an ability to shrink objects to a certain extent. A pixie will never die of old age, either they are killed or eventually they grow bored of the world and their spirit and body return to the primal energies of the world.