Joining The First Order of Mae

The paladin order, or the First Order of Mae, is headquartered in the city of Iron Gate in Northwind. Castle Reinhardt is where most paladins are trained and operations are based. King William Reinhardt and Prince Raymond Reinhardt are the two people you can speak to if you want to join the order. From then on until you are discharged or if you willfully quit, you are to follow the code of honor set by the paladins and carry out your duties set by your superiors. That being said, your character is still allowed to RP with other characters so long as it does not conflict with the rules set by the order.

You can’t have a goody two shoes in the order and have them be a dark magic snake when they aren’t around other paladins.

You will carry out the duties stated in the Manifesto, and you will adhere to the code of honor with no exceptions. If you have a question about anything, message anyone in the Reinhardt family, or Elliott Byrd.

[First Order of Mae Codes.]