"Quite the odd combinationl"

Vital statistics
Species Magical Beast


20 years

Status Active
Physical attributes
Length 8 ft (2.4 m)
Weight 1,300 lbs (589 Kg)

Overview: These dangerous creatures are likely the result of an experiment on the part of a demented wizard. Due to their violent nature, it is most likely the wizard who created them is now dead. They have red rimmed eyes and their beak color ranges from yellow to ivory. They are warm blooded animal but will lay eggs. Generally they live deep within forests located within temperate climates, generally living in caves or hollowed stumps. They will attack any prey item upon sight and will not give up a fight until either they or their prey is dead. This is the owlbear greatest strength and weakness, as they will not stop pursuing a prey item until death, and so they can easily be lured to jumping off cliffs or into traps, provided you can find one. Though they do not seek treasure, they have been shown to bury the “loot” of their victim in shallow holes near its home. Owlbear eggs and hatchlings are very valuable on the open market, with an egg being worth 2,000 silver pieces and a hatchling worth 5,000 silver pieces. These are often brought by wizards as pets, who use them as guards to help keep out nosy people.