Ostro Kelwynd
“Before you may reap, you must sow.”
Vital statistics
Position Lord
Age 58
Status Dead
Marital Status Widowed
Physical attributes
Height 6'2"
Weight 90 lbs (At time of death)

Ostro Kelwynd was the head of House Kelwynd, Lord of Sunsky, and First Sword of Syntherion. Ostro was a prominent noble in the Hotep province of Myridia. Many people loved him for he never offended anyone or burned a single bridge, even when wronged. This caused many people to think he was weak when in fact he was quite cunning in a merciful way.

He was the eldest of his siblings and took to leadership with an efficient yet kindhearted approach. He was often balanced out by his wife Lorelle who was the more aggressive one, promoting action over passiveness.

Among other hobbies, Ostro's favorite thing to do was personally tend to his rather beautiful gardens. This favorite hobby of his became even more prominent after his wife Lorelle passed away while giving birth to their second child Sylina.

Ostro's most controversial political move was relinquishing his lands and titles to his son and heir Vronti. Ostro did this because he was deathly ill with the Wasting Sickness and wanted to mentor his son on how to be a lord for as long as he could before his illness got the better of him. Ostro lived to see his son be lord for 6 years before being defeated by his illness.