Nyx wasn't born. She, no it, wasn't created by the power of two lovers but through hatred and envy, made out of ashes and burnt rose petals. That was how she was called into this world and there is no way she'd ever be able to leave it, to escape the life she had been summoned into, since her mysterious creator had sadly "passed away" she had no purpose in life anymore. She grew into an adult within a week of her life on earth, serving her creator for a mere 20 years of her life. After this she spent most of her time travelling the world, doing tricks and spells for those who believed and were willing to pay. She'd accept anything from dirty old straw dolls to strands of hair. Of course currency was always useful, though for she was never fully human she didn't need things like warmth, food and drink, no things with a sentimental value or objects of great importance to even a single individual held much more worth to her than it's previous owners could ever imagine. And so one day she traveled to the wondrous land of Marin by the boat of some merchant's, one of which had hoped of a spell to protect his new born child and wife who he had to leave at home, completely alone, and thus the price for this fairly easy procedure cost them the company of a witch aboard. As she finally landed in Marin, she landed in the south. In Araedia to be completely specific. And so her travels around Marin began.