Nnnsyha'h Shogg is the Bleak Age demon responsible for causing the demonic ascension that ended that same age, though his origins and past are unknown to even Lanier Reinhardt who has most of his knowledge and power. At the very climax of the Bleak Ages, Nnnsyha'h created the Altar of Ascension to channel the massive amounts of magical energy stored in the planet. At this point, he raised all the demons on the plane up and into a higher plane of existence, where he gave most of them their own realms to toy with so that the realm of man could be left alone. For eons, Nnnsyha'h watched over the plane of man, ensuring its safety from other demons. After some time however, even the demonic overseer grew tired, and needed to choose a successor. Prince Lanier Reinhardt proved to be the most magically capable being in the realm, and so then in a scarring sequence of events for the young prince, he was gifted most of the demon's knowledge as well as power. Now, Nnnsyha'h Shogg lays dormant in The Void, resting for what may be eternity.