Nicos Igne
"I am good at two oppossite things, fixing metal and breaking people."
Vital statistics
Position Bloodhound
Age 23
Status Alive
Marital Status Single
  • Carvo Aro (Father)
  • Lena Aro (Eda) (Mother)
  • Serene Aro (Trove) (Aunt)
  • Zen Aro (Uncle)
  • Claude Aro (Cousin)
  • Hilda Aro (Cousin)
  • Serio Igne (Adoptive Father)
Physical attributes
Height 6'5
Weight Unknown

Nicos Aro, better known as Nicos Igne is the son of a poor smith who managed to raise himself from the slums of Myridia all the way up to the position of Bloodhound serving the Vaughn Empress.

When he was 8 years old his father, Carvo Aro, refused to make swords for a group of bandits, when he thought the bandits had taken his recommendation to go another Smith he was assaulted, they took him away and with said abduction the boy was left alone, but this wasn't the worst

The bandits could never notice the hidden boy that weeped softly as his cousins and his uncle and aunt were killed and roasted, his father and mother however were taken away as they were probably deemed valuable for something, Nicos didn't know, he only knew someone had killed his family, atleast most of it.

Nicos roamed Myridia famined and sad, no longer anyone he could trust, he took his father's best forged sword, a Claymore, and he set to travel making swords he changed for bread. One day a man bought a sword and asked if the kid knew how to use the sword he carried, Nicos lied and the man noticed, this made him start the adventure of a lifetime, traveling with a retired knight that trained him for 7 years before he died of a mysterious heart attack.

His master had taught him well when we found him, a 9 year old boy that looked promising, his death was mourned and with it, Nicos could feel his emotions fade out, his will getting stronger, this when he was 16, getting his Knighthood title wouldn't be easy, but he hadn't been a squire for nothing.

After all his training and his strength developed by smithing since he was 4, Nicos was a beast of a man and he could easily swing his oversized sword with one hand and use a shield, he set to find the men who killed his family and eventually, with the help of Cordelia Vaughn, he found the cannibalistic bandits and he slaughtered them like pigs, one by one.

It is known that somewhere in his childhood he met Zinnia Rolfe, woman who he had a relationship with and is currently in a relationship on, Nicos considered her one of his only reasons to endure the Bloodhound training for a year and she was his drive to keep on living.