Myridia is a fairly large province situated on the North-Western Coast of Amoroth. It is not to be confused with the Myridian Empire which consists of numerous provinces under the Vaughn Rule. The capital of Myridia is Xandria, a well developed city built around the Corte De Gloria.


As Myridia is located in the South it naturally has scorching summers and very mild winters. It has never snowed in the Myridian province and many are right to believe that it never will. It is also home to many exotic flowers which can only grow in it's hot climate, many of these are often used to concoct poisons that are vital in Myridian schemes and trades.

Ruling Power

Myridia was  living through the reign of King Rowan I of House Vaughn, The Vaughn family have ruled here for centuries and have maintained a firm grip using it as the homebase of their growing empire. However the situation changed when his daughter, Cordelia Vaughn, arranged her brother's death and then came back to Myridia, murdering her father and proclaiming herself empress.

Significant People

King Anton Vaughn I

Princesses Celaena, Georgiana and Kierra Vaughn

Prince Eragon Vaugh

Princess Nymeria Vaughn

King Rowan Vaughn I

Prince Owen Vaughn

Princess Cordelia Vaughn



A landlocked province w/sw of Cyphos. Known for its natural resources such as stone, lumber, wheat, and ore.


A half-settled province, the closest to Prasia.


Being the closest province to Castalore, Sobora sees the most slave trade within Myridia proper.


The largest province.


The second largest province. Known for harbors, fishing, and international trade.


The smallest province but arguably the most important for it houses the Myridian Empire's capital.


Similar to Hotep. Potiphar is also known for its natural resources, especially food.

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