"The most Vile defiance of Death"

Vital statistics
Species Undead
Age Immortal 
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Varied
Weight Varied

Overview: Liches are magic users who have attempted to cheat death by using magic to unnaturally extend their own life. They do this by taking an object they hold close to them, building a shrine to their respected god, and then putting their soul into the object. Thus they become immortal. However their flesh will continue to rot until they are nothing but a skeleton. If their physical body is destroyed, they will simply return in 3 day to the shrine they built. The only way to kill a lich is to destroy the object that they have put their soul into. This will force them to move on. Liches are also generally very powerful in magic, as they now have an unlimited amount of time to learn. A good rule of thumb is that the older the lich, the more dangerous they are. Not all liches are evil however. There are rare individuals who have become liches for a good purpose, some even being hired as  historians for families. These are known as arch-liches and though their cause may be nobal, they still tend to be outcast and recluse due to their rather unsettling appearance and the general bad word about liches. Generally though most liches hate those who are living and are good at necromancy. They will also always have a red glow in their eyes, long after their eyeballs have rotted away. There are some liches throughout the ages who have claimed the title of “Lich King.” What this means is that they have grown in power enough that even other liches are forced to bow down to their will and might. I