Born in a small town in Araedia, to Meriticus and Derinia Cortezial, Levi had a great first couple of years. His parents were poor, but made sure Levi never went without his basic needs. Then, when his cousin Farah came to live with them, things got even worse. His father turned to pirating and got slain by a man unknown. His mother turned to thievery, and got caught and executed. His sister was sold into slavery, yet, he was only made an apprentice to a man named Roman Monterosa, a rich merchant.

Fast forward a few years, and now Levi is a rich merchant himself. He was walking home one night when he got ransacked by bandits, of whom which he joined, for his life. They were the Eclipse. He began to like the Eclipse, for he could get back at the Monarchy for what they did to his family. Now, he is their supply master, and a friend to their leader, Aleqar.

Aleqar died, and Levi was forced to make a decision. He decided to follow the Sun King, Vronti Kelwynd, and try to exterminate the Eclipse.