Letincia grew up in a normal family. Her father was of decent standing, owning a small amount of land that they were able to farm off of. As a child, she was always running around with her three older brothers, wrestling, playing in the mud, and doing all manner of unladylike things. On several occasions, it was she that ran the village bully out into the fields and had to be pried off of hitting him before the situation could be over. Her father often took her aside and lectured her about why she was not allowed to do such things, and why her childish games must come to an end. At sixteen, her parents threw her a grand party to try and find her a suitor. There were cakes, a small dinner, and even some fiddlers for entertainment. Letincia would have none of it though. When an old cow cornered her and proposed, she slapped him, sending him backwards into the long table that held the festivities sweets and snacks. Like her mother, Letincia was in tears, not for having hit a man, but because he had dared to ask for her hand and even touched her. A few days after the party, her father took her into his study for a talk. She confided in him about how she did not want to marry so young, how she wished to try something more. Reluctantly, he gave his daughter his blessing, letting her leave to go stay with her eldest brother and his wife. While living there, she grew a lot personally and made many friends. One of her closest friends she made was soon to be shipped off to become a squire and hopefully afterwards, a knight. They spoke often about the subject, and Letincia fell in love with the idea of being her own woman, but also caring for the greater good. Her inner sense of justice had always seemed to dictate how she acted and thus she now searches for the right knight to bring her on as squire. Currently, said knight is Dormund Brax.