Nature's Hoarders

Leprechauns are known as fairies in Marin's folklore. They have a reputation for being mischievous and elusive, and very difficult to catch. With a greedy nature, they collect gold and precious gems and keep them in cast iron cauldrons hidden throughout Marin, disguised by their magic. As such, finding one's pot is very difficult to do. As part of their prideful, arrogant nature, leprechauns typically flaunt their existence before pooling into nothing, and, as such, if caught, they release the location of their precious gems. After all, they have to tempt humans into a game - and a game with no reward is no fun.

Leprechauns are short and generally have the appearance of old men. There are no females, and, upon one's death, another one spawns, as their energy returns to nature itself before creating another.

Overall they are mischievous, and their acts have been known to create chaos, although they mean no harm and are generally harmless.

Leprechauns like to stay in the forests of Feyshore, and Terresol, but it is not uncommon for them to be found in Araedia and Northwind.

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