House Vondar of The Vault is a historically rich house. Their seat is situated inside of the peak of a mountain and their primary export is coal and rubies. The only way to reach The Vault is through a thin mountain pass that is guarded by the stalwart House Steelmin. The biggest threat to House Vondar has, and still is, the cave orcs that infest the lower cavern of the mountains. Korman's father Edric was slain by the Orc Chief Urthrakka. In that battle, Korman leapt on the the great greenskin's back and pummeled the beast's head with gauntleted fists before Urthrakka fell. The rest of the orcs fled and Korman was the new Lord of House Vondar. Korman continued his campaign against the orcs with vicious determination, even rooting out a couple of underground orc towns. The orcs see him as a butcher but he sees himself as an exterminator of vermin.

Korman's Armor