A vagrant who grew up on the streets of Slateport, Korban quickly learned that it was a dog eat dog world, and he wanted to be the biggest dog. Korban was not beefy but he had slightly long, wiry limbs, and exceptional speed and dexterity. Even though he was offered a position in practically every gang in in Slateport and in a few gangs from other cities, Korban decided to stay a lone wolf. He is not opposed to doing some mercenary work but only for a short while, as he hates leaving Slateport.

Korban’s fighting style is very reminiscent of modern breakdancing, incorporating headspins, flares, handstands, flips, and other moves of that nature. He also carries around two whip-swords called urumis and a pair of brass knuckles. His shoes have plates of metal in them so he can deflect attacks with his feet.