"They tend to return, and in greater numbers too."         

Vital statistics
Species Draconic
Age 130
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 2-2.5 ft (.6-.7 m)
Weight 35-45 lbs (15-20 Kgs)

Overview: Kobolds are short, reptilian humanoids with cowardly and sadistic tendencies. Their scaly skin can range from dark rusty brown to a rusty black color. They have glowing red eyes and a non prehensile tail. They tend to prefer rather ragged clothing, usually in colors of red and orange. Kobolds naturally have the ability to speak draconic, and have been described as sounding like a yapping dog. In battle, kobolds prefer to have overwhelming odds on their size, at least two to one. Failing this, they will resort to trickery. Should both of their plans fail, kobolds will flee quickly. They will usually begin battle by first hailing projectiles and attempting to lure their enemies to traps they have set down ahead of time. Kobolds are very good at laying traps, and are often used in mines as labor due to their small size. It should alo be noted that despite the general maximum age for a Kobold being 130 years, it is one of the most unlikely events of all time for a Kobold to be able to live that long without something within our world killing it.