Cleburn Ramsalot
"Ghost Buster."

Vital statistics

Position King of Feyshore
Age at Death 44
Status Deceased
Marital Status At Death Widowed
Also Known As
  • King Samuel Ramsalot (Father) ☠
  • Queen Alice Ramsalot (Mother) ☠
  • Lady Elizabeth Carter Ramsalot (Daughter)
  • Princess Eloise Ramsalot (Daughter)
  • Princess Gwendolyn Ramsalot (Daughter)
  • Princess Annalise Ramsalot (Daughter)
  • Princess Tailyer Ramsalot (Daughter)
  • Princess Kenna Ramsalot (Daughter)
  • Princess Mary Ramsalot (Daughter)
  • Princess Victoria Ramsalot (Daughter)
  • Princess Aurora Ramsalot (Daughter) ☠
  • Princess Scarlett Ramsalot (Daughter)
  • Prince Nickles Ramsalot
Significant Kills
  • Charlotte Ramsalot
  • Robert Finnstock
  • Jaem Marwick
  • The Mire Race
  • Group of Fire Mages
  • Group of Ice Mages

Physical attributes

Height 6'0

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