Khezri Avasia
"Be wary when you take your sheep to flock, you might just let in a wolf."
Vital statistics
Position Lord of Nahien
Age 21
Status Alive
Marital Status Single
  • Teymur Avasia (Father)
  • Amitris Avasia (Mother
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Khezri is the only son of Teymur Avasia, who before his death had ruled over the Northernmost province of Prasia, known as Nahien. Khezri's family had ruled of the region of Nahien since the formation of Prasia, leading to the family being an old and proud family. Though Khezri had grown up in such a wealthy family, it was customary to have the eldest son live slightly deprived of privilege, to humble him. While he was deprived of many privileges that heirs would normally get, he did receive some of the best teachers in Prasia to groom him for being the Lord of Nahien. His education was primarily in statecraft and warfare, turning him into a competent commander and a skilled fighter by the time he was sixteen. By the time Khezri had turned twenty-one, his father had died of a sudden and fast acting illness which killed him. Leaving Khezri as the new Lord of Nahien. To enable screen reader support, press shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Z. To learn about keyboard shortcuts, press shortcut Ctrl+slash.