Josephine Amara Lukas
"No Willem, you cannot march around telling the neighbour girls that you're going to be king!"
Vital statistics
Position Peasant
Age 19
Status Alive
Marital Status Single
  • Annabel Lukas (Mother)
  • Mikael Lukas (Father)
  • Natania Lukas (Sister)
  • Willem Lukas (Brother)
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Josephine is the second daughter and second born child of Annabel and Mikael Lukas. At nineteen, she is three years younger than her elder sister (Natania) and ten years older than her younger brother (Willem). Unfortunately, Josephine's father passed away due to an injury from moving lumber for a disabled neighbour when Josephine was only twelve years old. Her mother never married again after his demise, so she'd been raising three children on her own for the past seven years, which had not been an easy task in the slightest. Things were easier now, however, since two out of three of her children could do some work to bring some more money into the household. Both Josephine and her sister had taken to doing some childcare for working parents within their area, and Josephine herself would occasionally do some cleaning for the same families for a little extra pay.

Appearance wise, Josephine is a rather plain girl when compared to the beauty of some others. Plain, dark brown hair that fell a couple inches past her shoulders, a slightly puckered mouth and a button nose. Her skin has a brown colour to it, as her father had had darker skin as well. She is a bit on the taller side and is slim. She will often leave her hair down for she feels that bothering to pin it under a bandanna or put it into braids is an unnecessary waste of time. She has a similar feeling when it comes to dressing herself, and will dress it plain, inexpensive clothing that will last for a significant amount of time and not wear away with ease.

Okay. Now personality! Josephine is quite the 'no nonsense' kind of girl and doesn't have a whole lot of tolerance for silliness or immaturity. This could be blamed partly on the fact that a role of responsibility had been thrust upon her at a young age. Despite this attitude, she does tend to be a magnet for some of the children who live in her area, including her younger brother who likes to follow her around often and pester her with jokes and near endless chatter. Sarcasm isn't a stranger to Josephine, or Jo, as she prefers to be called. When annoyed or angry, Jo isn't known to lash out physically, but she will verbally, whether it be with little sarcastic jabs or five minute long rants where she is practically yelling at the unfortunate target of her frustration. In what little spare time Jo allows herself to have, she will often choose to draw on some spare parchment that her family may have laying around or she will read through one of the few books her family owns for the thirtieth time. She never tires of the stories and still finds herself being moved and distressed by the twists and turns that happen within the pages.