Iris was born into a family of no major status or rank, but they were not like as her father Alistair was a fairly well known body for hire, and her mother Maria made herbal medicines for the sick. Iris and her twin brother Isaac grew up as what one would consider normal children, aside from Alistair teaching them swordplay in his spare time. It wasn't until Iris was eleven years old, only a year after an illness killed both her mom and brother, leaving her alone since her father works a large amount of the time to support her and himself, that everything she knew was basically torn from under her feet in the form of some bandits destroying her home while she was out in the woods one day practicing her swing. Upon returning she found her dad had been killed defending another family and now she was alone. The people Alistair defended offered to foster Iris but in a fit of rage, simply grabbed her sword and left, not wanting to look back. Seventeen years have passed since then and the now grown woman works on as a mercenary for hire, withthe only few things she owns being her armor and the clothing under it, Discord, which is her broad sword which she has personalized over a span of eight years, and whatever money she happens to have on her, as well as a decent sized knife hidden in one of her greaves. Upon first look the dark haired yet somewhat tall woman comes off as stern and a bit hostile but those who talk to Iris know she tends to give someone a chance before considering them a bad person, but they also know she has a bit of a temper and that gets her in many unnecessary fights. She has no set destination, and simply goes where fate, or perhaps a horse if she steals one, will take her.