"Aiming for the head might not be best here"

Vital statistics

Species Magical Beast
Age 1,400 years
Status Active

Physical attributes

Length 20 ft ( 6 m)
Weight 4,000 lbs (1,814 Kg)

Overview: Hydras are large, multi headed reptilian monster.  Though they look similar, this creature bears no relations to the dragon. They also do not speak any languages. They range from gray-brown to dark brown, with a light yellow or tan underbelly. The number of heads they have can range from 5 to 12. It should also be noted that for every head you cut off, it will grow two heads back, though any heads that are extra will die and fall off at the end of the day. The only way to kill a hydra easily is to cut off a head and then apply fire or acid to the point where it was cut off to prevent the growth of more heads. Attacking the body is not advised, as it has a strong regenerative factor that can out perform most weapons and spells.