House Linzar

The Linzars of the Crosshold are an ancient house that has fallen on hard times financially in the past few generations. They are still amicable despite this and offer their best hospitality to guests.

A recent practice of House Linzar has been to give the younger children as wards to other noble houses to be raised and taught. A famous case of this is when Cygnis Linzar was given to House Kelwynd to be raised as a ward.


Malachi - Head of House Linzar and Lord of the Crosshold.

Shaleene - Wife of Malachi

Umara - Eldest daughter of Malachi

Ser Jarack - Eldest son of Malachi.

Elani - Daughter of Malachi.

Delfin - Son of Malachi.

Arianne - Daughter of Malachi.

High Priest Cygnis - Youngest son of Malachi.

Sanina - Youngest daughter of Malachi.

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