House Kelwynd

The Kelwynds of Sunsky have been a noble house for over a thousand years. The current head of House Kelwynd is Lord Vronti Kelwynd. Sunsky is currently located in Terresol, although the Kelwynds originated in Myridia.

The Kelwynds worship the god Syntherion, deity of the sun, sky, birds, and lightning. They are extremely devout to their god and follow the virtues of honesty, loyalty, generosity, hospitality, and justice that followers of Syntherion are expected to exemplify.

The origins of House Kelwynd are extremely mysterious, with several theories circulating about where they came from and how they got into power. These theories vary from extremely fantastical to extremely dull, including the idea that they came from the sun, originated as bird/human crossbreeds, or that the Kelwynds were started when a man-at-arms was raised to the position of knight, and then landed knight. It is public knowledge, however, that House Kelwynd was founded by a man named Kel who married a woman named Eos. The true mystery lies in who they were as people and how they managed to grasp enough power to become a noble house. The truth behind this is a closely guarded secret, possibly the only secret the Kelwynds keep.

Currently, Lord Vronti Kelwynd rules his house as an authoritative but fair lord, giving freely to friends and being ruthless with enemies.

Kelwynd Family Tree