A Rich Heritage

The Carbonnel House has a history that dates back 300 years through 5 generations. The man who was given the title "head of house" was Maxamillion Carbonnel, who was able to turn his name into a noble one upon his striking of gold in Ibethiel. Shortly after this, he married Adelaide Hamilton, a middle class girl who he'd grown up with. This couple was what started House Carbonnel.

Growing Pains

Of course, as one becomes a noble house, one must manage to come up with the necessary noble things. After striking gold, Maxamillion poured his money into mining, which yielded impressive results and gave back over ten times what he'd initially put into it, and the profits kept growing. As a result, he established the diamond as their crest, mixed with what would come to be their house colors - blue, purple, and white - to symbolize the colors of the precious gems his wife loved the most. Their house motto was established to be "A deal's a deal", due to their increased focus on trade. Some even dared to say the the Carbonnel house was what fueled trade so much in Ibethiel to cause it to be independent.

The Carbonnels, while their export of precious gems was what got them started, turned their sense of business to the way of jewelry-making and embedding. They made everything high-class - from cuffs, to necklaces, bracelets, and even crowns that some royals wear on their heads this very day. The Ibethian crown dates back to Jacob Carbonnel, one of Maxamillion's four children, who wanted to show his thanks to the ruler for her support in their family business.


With their close ties to the royalty, the Carbonnel House quickly became a growing contender for the crown. While the house itself was happy doing as it did - making profits off of their jewelry and mining - the position next to the crown was highly sought after, and the family had no trouble finding suitors for their daughters, or wives for their sons. This led the house to be quite prosperous, and many people came down after Maxamillion Carbonnel.

Here and Now

The most recent generations are what is relevant today. Arthur Carbonnel, the previous head of the Carbonnel Household, died shortly after his son Cheston's 5th birthday, in a mining accident while he supervised his workers. His brother, Leon, had gone to the Witherlands to elope with his wife, while their brother Mason resides in Araedia, far from the crown and royalty. The Carbonnel household has ascended the throne, and now their reign begins.