"Noble Beast of the Air l"

Vital statistics

Species Magical Beast
Age 200 years
Status Active

Physical attributes

Length 9 ft (2.7 m)
Weight 520 lbs (235 Kg)

OverView: Gryphons are a mix between an eagle and a lion, serving as a powerful aerial counterpart to the scaled wyverns. Gryphons are proud and noble, being highly intelligent. As such, they can be very picky as to who can actually ride them. They are able to suppress their natural agressions in order to assist those they deem worthy of help. Despite this, they have been shown to be highly favorable to horse flesh, and will if left unchecked, make meals of the cavalry. They have a wingspan of 17 ft and are strong enough to go flying from a standing position. The sale of Gryphon eggs is illegal, though they are still highly sought after on the black market.