" No emotions, no heat, no mercy."

Vital statistics

Species Living Construct
Age Immortal
Status Active

Physical attributes

Height Varied
Weight Varied

Overview: A golem is a magically built being created by powerful mages and given a semblance of life. While they lack in intelligence, they usually make up for this in speed and or strength. Golems are typically made of stone, but have been made up of other materials. They can range from nine ft to two ft tall. They will also always be covered in intricate magic designs. They tend not to have much of a personality, usually only exhibiting strong loyalty to their master and an extreme stubbornness and tenacity to their opponents. Golems also do not seem to mind the race of their master, as they have been observed working with elves, dwarfs, humans, fairies, etc. Golems also will not be able to speak unless they are given the proper enchantments. They can heal themselves if they are allowed to not be disturbed for an hour. Golems can not die of old age, and will simply deactivate if they run out of energy. A golem only dies when they are physically destroyed. Golems seem to be the most common in Azaria, due to the high population of magic users.