"Bane to adventurers everywhere"

Vital statistics

Specie Humanoid 
Age Unkown
Status Active

Physical attributes

Height 3 ft (.91 meters)
Weight 40 lbs (18.1 Kg)

     While often mistaken for smaller orcs or kobolds, it should be noted that goblins appear to not be related to either race despite the obvious physical similarities. Now that this little fact is out of the way, it should be noted that goblins are too lazy to build their own homes, and thus will make their living out of caves, large thickets, or structures built and abandoned by more advanced civilizations. Coastlines are favored, as they love to scrounge up the treasures brought to them from the wreckages of ships. Though they may not be too strong on their own, if there is one department Goblin don't lack in, it's pure and utter hatred. Goblin's hatred run deep: They most espically hate Gnomes (who fight against Goblins all the time), horses (who frighten most goblins, though exposure to them can allow one to get over this fear) and dogs (as they are often the ones who alert humans and other beings to their presence.) Speaking of which, Goblins have a rather strange relationship with magic, viewing it with a mixture of awe and fear. They also tend to ascribe magic to rather mundane things, such as saying fire is a cause of magic. Fire is one of the most beloved substances in goblin culture, due to it's ability to wreak massive destruction and how it doesn't require greath size or strength to wield. they do however, hate writing. They believe that when a person writes down words, that they are being stolen out of their head and as a result, goblins are almost universally illeriate. Goblins are highly carnivorous, preferring the flesh of humans or gnomes. the reason for a lack of a proper age range for goblins is simply because all goblins encountered have not died of natural causes.