Giant Scorpion
Giant Scorpion

"The last thing you want burrowing into your house."

Vital statistics

Species Archinida 
Age 25-75 years
Status Active

Physical attributes

Length 10-24 ft (3-7 m)
Weight 2300-2450 lbs (1,043-1,111 Kg)

Overview: The most dangerous creatures to grace the dunes of Amoroth, the Giant Scorpion is the natural enemy of the wyvern, their venomous stingers having enough toxin in it to kill at least 8 wyverns. Their giant pincers can easily pick up camel in its grasp and snap it in two. They tend to live in the deep desert of Prasia, where they hunt groups of wyverns, camels, and other scorpions. They are known to burrow beneath the sand at night, and this is also where they will lay their eggs to keep them warm. The Giant Scorpions do not breed often, usually only once every  year. Even then they only produce 2-3 eggs due to the nutritional strain on the mother to produce them. Though their armored exoskeleton makes it hard for conventional weapons to kill them, the flesh of their tail and underbelly is weak, and they are also weak against ice magic, retreating if the temperature gets too cold. Wyverns use this to their advantage by attacking at night, a group of them digging up one scorpion and then ganging up on it and ripping it apart before it can retaliate.