A choleric man whose arm was burned by followers of the Six when he was only 10. Since that day, he vowed to hate the Six until his death.

Later in life Istvaan found a measure of peace with his wife, Maranda. Their daughter Zoe was 2 years old and Maranda was pregnant again when their house was broken into by coastal raiders who stabbed Myranda and Zoe to death while Istvaan fought off the other attackers. He was knocked unconscious and found his wife, daughter, and unborn son upon all dead when he woke up. Istvaan moved to Sol to find a job in construction for he could not bear to stay in his hometown.

His experiences of persecution and hatred have caused him to look older than he really is.

Upon discovering Syntherion, he was enthralled. It was a religion that was not The Six and not really one being taught or followed by any of the royals which he also has a distaste for. Fr. Cygnis’s faith, strength, and kindness inspired him to join and soon, Istvaan was ordained.

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