Equadia 2


Equadia is a large province South of Prasia. There are only few ports on the coast and the rest of the province is made up entirely of scorching deserts peppered with small rural villages. The capital is Djegur, the one city situated in the North-Western area of the desert that does not move around.


Being so far South has it's downsides as Equadia does not even experience notable winters. For the majority of the year the whole province experiences scorching heat which allows very little farming and few livestock are adapted to it. This often causes food shortages and often fights break out between villages.

Ruling Power

Equadia did not have any one ruling power as it once was ruled by a democracy. About 5 years ago it was conquered by Princess Cordelia of House Vaughn bringing it under the rule of King Rowan Vaughn I and making it an established part of the Myridian Empire.

It's often considered as a loss statement to the empire as it does not generate a large income and is barely able to sustain itself let alone aid the other provinces, the population count is also very low giving it no military advantage either.

Recently due to a secret arrangement made between the Current Empress Coredelia Vaughn and King Bradai Maith of the Southern Isles, the region was handed over ot Southern Isles control following the death of Owen Vaughn.