Elliott Byrd
"Oh don't be such a baby, ribs grow back!"
Vital statistics
Position Doctor
Age 28
Status Alive
Marital Status Single
Family Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 6'0"
Weight 164 lbs

Elliott Byrd was born in a different world, from a different time. Through dire and uncontrollable circumstances, he was torn from his world and thrown into the world of Marin. He awoke on the side of a mountain with severe amnesia, forcing him to forget everything about his past, save his own name, and his extensive medical skills. He currently lives in the capital of the Southern Isles and maintains the hospital there.

The place of his origin was known as Apollo, a seemingly utopian society of technological advancement, filled with colossal towers located in the middle of an ocean plateau. Deep inside the city however, it was filled with massive corporate corruption that was slowly strangling the city. Elliott spearheaded a revolution against the entities, and in the final moments of the revolution, brought a building down on top of himself. His fate would have been sealed then and there, however one of the companies had a machine that was once thought impossible; They had created a teleportation machine. With no other possible escape, Elliott took his chances with the unknown device and hoped to be transported to safety, only to find that while he was safe, and more importantly alive, he was in a completely different world with zero memory of his past.

Once he regained consciousness on the side of a barren mountain, he wandered into a nearby town and slowly regained his bearings. He demonstrated his unusual talents with yet unforeseen medical treatments, and over the course of time found himself in charge of a hospital located in the heart of the Southern Isles. After a string of events involving Catarina Tanner, whom he operated on and subsequently saved her life, he was able to regain his memory, although he keeps the information extremely close to him for fear of repercussions involving witchcraft.