Elizabeth Weatherly Baxter
"I'm afraid my adventuring days are over. It was fun when I was young, but those days are over now."
Vital statistics
Position Peasant
Age 55
Status Alive
Marital Status Married
  • Skye Baxter (Daughter)
  • Artimus Weatherly (Brother)
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

As a young girl, Elizabeth and her brother Artimus set out from their home in the Southern Isles to travel Marin and go on grand adventures. The two took quests together and had a merry old time. but the day came where Elizabeth fell in love with a blacksmith named Nathan Baxter. The two settled down in a small town near Tonate and got married Eventually, they had a child who they named Skye. From that point on, Elizabeth helped Nathan with his blacksmithing business and, when the time came, sent Skye into the world with tears of joy in her eyes.