A man who puts duty above everything else. His family is one of the few that worship Syntherion, and at age 16, Eleftarios swore his sword to Pericles Kelwynd. His service was impeccable, and when Pericles passed away, Eleftarios served under Ostro and then Vronti. Elefatrios's wife Garfilia died from an intense fever and he had to raise his kids while also serving Ostro Kelwynd at the same time. Eleftarios's kids are all independant now and his plan is to serve House Kelwynd until death. Eleftarios is a paragon with the arming sword and kite shield, as well as being a master lancer. His left-handedness made him a tricky opponent to fight against. He fought in, and won, many tourneys in his day. When he was bested by Torrin Roarbar in a melee at the Tournament of The Greenkeep, he realized he was getting too old for tournaments and stepped out of them, to the disdain of many. He is currently in Ibethiel, teaching King Cheston the basics of sword fighting.