Elaeor Rorine was, and is, a hunter/gatherer. In order to survive, he hunts large animals for their hide and furs to sell.

Eleanor does not have the best childhood; his father leaving the family when Eleanor was 3, and his mother's death when he was 11. His father left the family a bow, one Eleanor claimed for himself. For 20 years he learned how to use the bow, hunt large game, and survive in the wild on his own.

During those 20 years, Eleanor has killed countless deer, boar, Turkey, and other wild animals. His most prized kill though, was achieved at age 16. Eleanor discovered a mother boar, a large one at that. The boar charged Eleanor however, it's unknown if it was sheer luck or skill that he survived, landing an arrow through the boars eye. He crafted a necklace out of the hide and a tusk from the board, to remember his most challenging kill.

There is only so much though, that can be found in the woods. When Eleanor turned 26, he started towards the nearest city, taking little with him, Sol.