Originally from House Garmae, Elara was the only woman who could outdrink Torrin Roarbar. Because of this, she was nicknamed "Steelguts Ellie" which was quickly shortened to "Steel Ellie" for the sake of politeness. Torrin quickly fell in love with Ellie but her younger brother Oscar Garmae decided to challenge Torrin to a fight for the right to his sister's hand. Torrin won and got married to Elara soon after.

When Elara got the news that her husband was slain defending Vronti Kelwynd, she was devastated. Pregnant and all alone, instead of turning to another man to help her, she decided to keep control of the household. For three months she harbored a deep hatred for Vronti and Falir, blaming both of them for the death of her husband. Her hatred of Vronti finally ended when he returned to Myridia and begged her for forgiveness.