Ean Wade had a good life, once. A wife, an 8 year old daughter, and a newborn son. Life in the Witherlands was rough, but he was happy. However, he was not favored by fate. Late one evening, Lilliana had been playing near a frozen lake, and despite the constant winter, the ice was still thin. Without realizing, the ice had begun to crack, and she fell through, freezing to death. Mourning their loss, his wife was stricken with grief. Over time, she became inconsolable, and eventually refused to eat. She passed when a small bout of the flu swept through, her weakened body easily overcome by the disease. With only his infant son left, Ean didn't know what to do. The boy had caught his mother's illness, and despite being physically healthy, his system was far too weak, and eventually perished as well. The Witherlands claimed his family, his happiness, and he left Grand Stead, unable to bare it any longer. Eventually in his travels, he found himself in Iron Gate, debating on staying awhile. He was tired of wandering, wanted to begin his life once more.

Ean is a sturdy man, standing at 6'2". He was built for the harsh winters up north, grew up there. As a boy, he was very happy, though rather introverted. As he grew, he blossomed inward, becoming more and more outwardly neutral despite his love of life. When his family died, it crushed him. He didn't speak for months, he just wandered alone, looking for..he didn't know. A very reserved man, he has the look about him. A sad look, forlorn and far away, like he sees their ghosts. But when spoken to, he is not exactly a dreary man. No, he tries to be cheery. To live on for his family.