"For when you can't find a dragon..."

Vital statistics

Specie Draconic 
Age unkown
Status Active

Physical attributes

Length 4-6 ft (1.2-1.8 meters)
Weight 25,000 lbs (11,790 Kg)

Overview: (It should be note the information here will  mainly be on the most well known form of Drake, the fire drake. There are many drakes out there that grow much bigger, such as the sea drake which can grow up to 14 ft long.)  All drakes have originated as a result of draconic inbreeding over a long period of time, insulting in dangerous and vicious, if smaller, flightless, and a lot dumber, draconic race known as the drake. Even less evolved than their cousins the wyverns, the drakes come in a myriad of forms, ranging from the elemental types of fire, water, and earth, to the stranger kind like shadow, spire, and even star drakes. However in the interest of keeping this article to one page, we will be discussing the common fire drake. Fire drakes tend to make their home in temperate hills, hiding in lairs and caves deep within the mountains and hills. These creature are carnivorous and very territoral, fighting any other drake that may enter their territory. While they will tolerate other drakes of their type, they will still treat them with great suspicion. Rarely, a mated pair can be encountered, but this is only during the late summer or early autumn. These creatures are often mistaken for baby red dragons. They will typically open up  a battle with their intense flame breath attack. But once that runs out, they move in close to use their powerful jaw, as their claws are generally too small to do enough damage in combat. One last dangerous addition to the fire drake that should be noted is their blood. Their blood is highly flammable, and will ignite on contact with the air. Thus when battling one, an adventurer should take caution to not lower their guard even after the drake itself has died. The blood of a fire drake can be sealed in an air tight container though and be used as a firebomb, equivlanet to a flask of alchemist's fire. They can also be coated over weapons to temporarily give them a flaming effect.