" They who were around when time began."

Vital statistics

Specie Draconian
Age Unknown
Status Active

Physical attributes

Length 42-75 ft (12-22 m)
Weight 160,000-1,280,000 lbs (72,574-580,598 Kg)

Overview: Dragons are considered to be some of the most ancient beings in existence on the mortal plane. They seem to have been around before any of the humanoid races came to be. They are highly intelligent, this intelligence only growing with their age. They are also powerhouses, being able to breath different types of magical attacks depending on their type, and being one of the largest creatures in existence. They are said to have been created by a platinum dragon god known as Bahamut, the ruler of all dragons. Typically all dragons will worship him. They can have a wingspan of 50 to 150 ft. They lay eggs and are most likely, the most proud race of them all. Even the most noble of dragons will look down upon humans and have an unquenchable lust for gold and valuable items.  This pride is also their weakness as they have been lured into situations where they can’t win. They can also transform into the main races, though will only do this for honorable duels. There are two main types of dragons, the metallic variety which is stronger and consists of gold, silver, brass, etc, and then the weaker chromatic variety of red, blue, black, white etc. It is very difficult to determine the lifespan of a dragon as nearly no one has seen one die of natural causes. Though it is speculated that they can live for several hundred and even thousands of years.