Having been raised by his father from a young age to look up and admire the knights of the land Dormund swore from the first time he can remember to join their ranks and bring honour to his family. His father had been a large influence in his life until the day he was found dead in the treeline near their home. Dormund was only 9 at this time and it caused him to push himself even harder. The first chance Dormund got to become a squire and start his training as a knight he jumped at it. It was during his years as a squire that he came upon his hatred and distrust of those who use magic, he was out with training with his mentor, Sir Arthur Ryan, on patrol when a witch came from the woods and tricked them both by acting as a damsel in distress. They both went back with the woman and the moment they stepped foot into her home she turned on the knight mortally wounding him. Dormund stood shocked as he saw his mentor collapse to the ground, acting on instinct Dormund started to draw his sword but as soon as he did he felt a fiery pain in his shoulder. The witch had driven a blade into it, she wanted his blood for something. Dormund never found out what or if it would have helped her as he drove his sword into her stomach and out through her back. He blacked out after this and was later found by another knight sent to look for the pair, Sir Arthur Ryan did not survive the ordeal. From this point on Dormund has always bore a deep seated hatred for magic users as he now bears a jagged scar on his right shoulder, which still brings him pain from time to time. However there was a little good that came from this ordeal, the other knights he was training with saw his potential and started pushing him harder and harder. His mother did not wish to see Dormund become a knight from the start and didn't want to stick around to see him knighted, he lost contact with her during his squire years after choosing the knights life over the ones she wanted him to have. Dormund was knighted on his 20th birthday having proven himself competent with sword and shield fighting and fighting from horseback over and over. He would beat his opponents in moment, even some of the veteran knights, this brought him a lot of respect among the knights. Seven years after his knighthood and after becoming one of the finest knights in the Reuyere Dormund was contacted by Lord Valois to act as a guard for his daughter Honoria. He gladly accepted and headed off to face the new challenges.